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Allergies Tests

Know that you have allergies? Test your knowledge with 12 questions


1) An allergy is:

A - a psychological reaction to an object, person or animal for which one feels disgust or contempt.
B - an overreaction of our immune system to a foreign substance.

2) If you are allergic to a specific substance ..

A - it would be pure chance that your child will be allergic.
B - there is a risk that your, children are allergic to the same substance.
C - there is a risk that your children are allergic, but obviously the same substance.

3) Can you be allergic to the sun?

A - yes
B - No

4) Can you be allergic to money?

A - Yes
B - No

5) What is an allergic reaction?

A - An allergy that you are more likely than average to start because of your allergy page.
B - An allergy inextricably linked to your main allergy: you are allergic to multiple substances at once.

6) What is an antibody?

A - external substance that causes an allergic reaction when it enters the body.
B - A substance secreted by the body to fight against outside attack.
C - A chemical found in some drugs used in allergy cases.

7) What is a food allergens?

A - A food allergen.
B - An allergen drug
C - A ranking of the major allergens.

8) The strawberry allergy is:

A - most common
B - fairly common
C - rare

9) A rosacea is:

A - A flowering plant whose pollen may be allergenic.
B - A Family Fruit
C - A skin lesion caused by bee venom

10) Can we get to desensitize allergic to bee stings or wasp?

A - Yes
B - No

11) Can we get desensitized to a pet allergy?

A - Yes
B - No

12) Can we get desensitized to food allergy?

A - Yes
B - No


1 - B

Allergy, in the true sense of the term, is a reaction of our body has a foreign substance wrongly considered by the body as an enemy.

2 - C

There is a risk of genetic transmission of the principle of allergy, ie the right to overreact to an antigen by an abnormal secretion of IgE antibodies. If you are allergic, this does not mean that your children will also necessarily at the same allergen as you. But caution is needed.

3 - B

No, the sun is not allergenic. There is no allergen from the sun that can sensitize the immune system. However, the sun can cause a photoallergic reaction which will transform a substance in the body and make it allergenic. These substances are transformed under the influence of the sun may come from drugs, cosmetics, sunscreens ...

4 -

You can be allergic to nickel used in the manufacture of coins, but also in the jewelry and other fashion accessories (belt buckles, show ..). Nickel allergy is an allergy difficult to detect because it can occur several days after contact with this metal. The areas of the body. monitor are the ears, neck, wrists and hands.

5 -

The cross allergies remain a dark side of the allergy. In some cases, your body secretes IgE and specific enough to react to several allergens are similar. One thing is sure: it's not because you're told that the peanut "cross" with latex or soybeans that you will necessarily have a soy allergy to latex or if you are to peanuts. Stay alert (e) but do not be anxious (e).

6 - B

Antibodies are a key part of our immune system. They have the ability to attract and fix that attack foreign substances our bodies (antigens). Also called immunoglobulin (ig), they are secreted by B lymphocytes our It is their surplus which is implicated in the case of allergy.

7 - A

A food allergens (Greek trophy, "food") is a food substance capable of eliciting an immune response in an allergic person who consumes from the gastrointestinal tract

8 - C

True allergy to strawberries is rare (0.7% of food allergies in adults). However, the strawberry is a food itself rich in histamine, easily contaminated by nickel and histamine libérareur (that is to say who will act on the release of histamines by our immune system). In these capacities, Strawberry is often responsible for "false food allergies" usually resulting in outbreaks of hives. We find the same type of phenomenon with chocolate or tomato.

9 - B

Among the Rosaceae, there are a lot of fruit allergenic or "histamine liberators" as the apple, hazelnut, pear, peach, apricot plum, cherry, raspberry, strawberry ...
Acne rosacea exists but is not due to bee venom.

10 - A

It can be desensitized when you are allergic to wasp venom. This is recommended even if you have a risk of being bitten in remote locations where there are no treatment centers: forest, mountain, boat ... There are even programs accelerated desensitization in a few days.

11 - B

To date, immunotherapy or desensitisation to pet allergens has not been convincing. This may be because too often it is practiced in an environment not "healthy", ie not free from the presence of the allergen.

12 - B

For reasons still unexplained, desensitization to food allergens is largely ineffective Moreover, it is quite dangerous experiments in the United States show a too high rate of severe allergic reactions during desensitization. Yet we hear regularly about the development next to a "peanut vaccine cons.