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Anemia Questions

What is anemia?

Anemia is the reduction of the hemoglobin in red blood cells. The main cause of anemia is iron deficiency. Iron is a component of hemoglobin.

What are the visible signs of anemia?

The pale complexion and conjunctivitis, excessive fatigue and permanent, when anemia is important, shortness of breath.

How to detect anemia associated with iron deficiency?

A blood test can analyze: the hemoglobin and the determination of iron in reserve.

What are the main causes of iron deficiency?

Situations where there is loss of iron (heavy menstrual bleeding, IUD, blood donations, hiatal hernia, hemorrhoids, ulcers ...)

Situations where the needs are increased (adolescence, pregnancy ...)
Situations where the diet does not provide enough iron (dietary and vegetarian diets, elderly ...)

How to treat anemia due to iron deficiency?

By a daily intake of iron tablets. Treatment should be extended sufficiently to replenish iron stores.

Self-administered questionnaire

1) Do you tan?
Pale (1 point) - Pink (0 points)

2) Have you conjunctiva (edge ​​of the lower eyelid) pale?
Yes (1 point) - No (0 points)

3) Are you pregnant?
Yes (1 point) - No (0 points)

4) Give you your blood?
Yes (1 point) - No (0 points)

5) Are you prone to heavy periods?
Yes (1 point) - No (0 points)

6) Do you feel excessive fatigue?
Yes (1 point) - No (0 points)

7) Do you wear an IUD?
Yes (1 point) - No (0 points)

8) Do you follow a regular diet or vegetarian?
Yes (1 point) - No (0 points)

9) Have you gynecological bleeding between periods?
Yes (1 point) - No (0 points)

10) Did you cause of gastrointestinal bleeding (hiatal hernia, hemorrhoids, ulcers)
Yes (1 point) - No (0 points)

Between 7 and 10 points:
You have causses possible iron deficiency anemia, talk to your doctor
Between 3 and 6 points:
It would be preferable to monitor hemoglobin and to know the status of your iron stores by blood tests.
Between 0 and 2 points:
you are not experiencing anemia. Continue to eat foods rich in iron.