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Treatment of Allergies


Its principle is to be repeated to bring the body of allergen doses sufficient to raise its defenses, but too low to trigger an allergy. The body gradually gets used and considered less of the allergen as an enemy against which he must respond.

The drug allergy.
They reduce the symptoms of allergy attack, or prevent recurrences. Corticosteroids act primarily through their anti-inflammatory effect. They are administered systemically (in tablet or injection) or limiting their side effects, topical (inhaled or oral nasal cream or ointment). Antihistamines antagonize the effects of histamine, a substance liberal SOE during allergic reactions. Effective in treating the symptoms of rhinitis and urticaria but also have a preventive action. Cromolyn sodium, it blocks the release of histamine and thus acts at the beginning of the crisis, even preventively. Treatment of asthma is also using other classes of drugs (anti-leukotrienes, betamimetic, theophylline). Finally, the emergency treatment of severe allergy (anaphylactic shock) is based on adrenaline.