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What is Homeopathy

FAQs on Homeopathy
What are the application areas of homeopathy?
Homeopathy provides a therapeutic response to most common diseases. Homeopathic treatment can also often limit their recurrence. B have no toxic chemicals or use known-cons. Ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Homeopathic medicines act quickly?
Employees in acute diseases, homeopathy can be very rapid action, especially if the drugs are taken at the first symptoms. The treatment of chronic or recurrent seeks longer supported.

Homeopathic and allopathic treatments are compatible?
There is no indication of the cons-simultaneous intake of allopathic and homeopathic. Your doctor may prescribe these medications alone or in supplements, according to your needs.

What does CH?
CH centesimal Hahnemanienne means. It indicates that the drug was prepared according to the method of preparation of the one hundredth dilution. Your doctor or pharmacist carefully chosen dilution, it is important to respect it.

How to take a homeopathic medicine?
For the tube of granules, a decision is usually made up of five pellets. The contents of a dose (about 200 cells) is taken entirely at once. Melt the globules or granules in your mouth. For babies, homeopathic medicines can be dissolved in a little water. Follow the indications on the prescription. In general, no taste in the mouth is recommended when taking a homeopathic medicine. It is best taken without food.

What does a homeopathic medicine?
Homeopathic medicines are generally presented in two formulations: the tube of granules and the dose of cells.

Who are the prescribers of homeopathic medicines?
More than 25,000 physicians prescribe homeopathic medicines (1), nearly half of GPs. Your doctor chooses the treatment, allopathic and / or homeopathic, best suited to you.
(1) Study MV2, 1997. Imago - October 2003

Where to find a homeopathic doctor?
To obtain the coordinates of a physician prescribing homeopathic medicines, you can:

  • Ask your pharmacist;
  • Consult the Yellow Pages under "general medicine, homeopathy orientation"
  • Contact the National Union of Homeopathic Doctors

Homeopathic medicines are reimbursable? Homeopathic medicines enjoy official status since 1965. They are enrolled in the Pharmacopeia and reimbursed at 35% by the Social Security.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist.