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Acute Tonsillitis

What is Tonsillitis? is collective term for various inflammations of the tonsillar one. Tonsillitis can be acute or chronic.

Acute tonsillitis (tonsillitis acuta) occurs most commonly in children over two years and adolescents. This is due to the lymphatic tissue is begins to shrink after puberty.

Inflammation may be caused by bacteria or viruses. The best-known throat inflammation is bacterial infection beta hemolytic streptococcus is group A, the physician can demonstrate by means of a rapid test.

A viral infection that usually also cause symptoms from the tonsils, is infectious mononucleosis , which attacks the lymphatic system in general. It is usually benign, but the recovery phase is longer than the bacterial tonsillitis.

The symptoms of tonsillitis are fever and pain on swallowing. The pain often draws from the throat and up to both ears. The temperature is usually between 38 ° C and 40 ° C. Tonsils are swollen, red and yellow coating, and lymph nodes of the neck behind the jaw angle is almost always swollen and tender.

The diagnosis is made as a rule on the basis of medical history and inspection of the palate tonsils. The marked symptoms are common to do a rapid test in the pus from the tonsils to determine whether inflammation caused beta hemolytic streptococci.

If the throat inflammation caused by hemolytic streptococci, disease is the patient with penicillin for ten days. If the throat pain is expressed, the patient can take an analgesic drug, for example. paracetamol .

Complications of

acute tonsillitis are rare and include neck abscess (peritonsillar abscess), rheumatic fever and glomerulonephritis.

If symptoms are moderate and there are signs of complications, the disease is often cured in a week's time.

Chronic tonsillitis
Chronic tonsillitis (tonsillitis Chronica) is most common in adolescents and young adults. The condition is characterized generally by frequent episodes of acute tonsillitis or longer periods of throat pain and moderate fever.

One can treat chronic tonsillitis with a longer course of antibiotics. If treatment provides significant improvement, you can remove the tonsils surgically.