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Homemade masks against acne

Natural treatments for acne

Homemade masks for acne, and are tired of that acne take over your face and do not know how to control it, today we'll show you a natural home treatment consisting of a mask-based brewer's yeast (a few tablespoons) and the necessary water, all interests to mask your acne is to mix the ingredients mentioned above into a paste that is not very washed. Apply on the face and let it dry (15 - 20 minutes). You must rinse in warm water and cold. Take care your face after acne homemade mask with this quick and easy.

Note: For any natural homemade mask, it is always advisable to test anti-allergic in any body part preferably near the back of the ear or neck, if after a few minutes, the skin is red, or feel itchy , wash your face immediately and choose not to apply this mask.