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Sore throat, Neck disease

What is Sore throat?

TONSILLITIS , angina tonsillaris, inflammation of the tonsils in the throat, tonsils, usually in the tonsils and palate pharyngeal tonsil, rarely in heavy tonsils. The inflammation can be acute or chronic and may be due to both bacteria and viruses.

What is Neck disease?

Generic term for diseases of the throat where the prominent symptom is soreness or pain on swallowing. The most common causes are PHARYNGITIS or TONSILLITIS. The first is a diffuse inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa; the other is inflammation located in the tonsils (tonsillectomy palate).

The cause is the infection with bacteria or viruses. Prolonged soreness when swallowing can be, especially in the elderly, due to mucosal cancer.