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Menstrual Cycle Conception

The menstrual cycle

At the beginning of the menstrual cycle, a few follicles develop. Only one dominant follicle matures, called Graafian follicle. It opens and releases the egg: it is ovulation. At that moment, the follicle becomes a corpus luteum. The egg enters the fallopian tubes, where 3 to four days it moves through the uterine cavity. If it is fertilized, it implants there otherwise the egg lives for about 24 hours, and the corpus luteum is secreted for 12 to 14 days. Then come the rules and a new cycle begins.

Methods of contraception without a prescription


They come in different ways:

  • Creams
  • Ova
  • Tablet gynecological
  • Gels or sponge (pad)

Their time and their duration of action vary.
Now 10 minutes for the time and 2-24 hours for the duration of action.

Their statement is:

  • Not using oral contraceptives or intrauterine
  • Pre-menopausal
  • Missed a regular oral contraceptive
  • Young women with low sex
  • Girl with poorly developed cycles
  • After childbirth or an abortion or not voluntary

Natural and mechanical methods

There are several methods:
Ovulation Tests

Minicomputer with sticks tests aimed at women 25 to 45 years where the cycles are more regular. Determination of the fertile days by testing hormone levels. Each month, enter the beginning of menstruation, afterwards a small light glows different color depending on the fertile days or not. 16 tests are required the first month then 8 the 2nd. Cost: 100 euros

The Other tests can also detect the fertile period by testing hormone levels. They are generally used to help start a pregnancy.

Other methods known as "Barrier"
Indication also prevention against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Good efficiency, lower cost

Female Condom
He has in the vagina. It is disposable and can be used during menstruation. Protects against STDs

Contraceptive cap
Caps the cervix with a dose of spermicide placed at the bottom this system, which stops sperm in their ascent to the cervix. It is prescribed by a doctor or midwife to determine the size and put it down; it should be avoided in the girl.

Other methods

Ogino-Knaus method
This is to determine the fertile period by calculations on the number of days the shorter cycles and longer. Need to study its cycles of 1 year or so. Can not be used after childbirth and induced abortion or not.
Rhythm Method: The first day of fertility: 18 to remove the shortest cycle, the last day of fertility: 11 to remove the longest cycle.

Knaus method: The first day of fertility: 17 to remove the shortest cycle, the last day of fertility: 13 to remove the longest cycle.

Temperature method
Record daily morning temperatures.
Offset temperature at the time of ovulation generated by progesterone.
Take her temperature every morning at the same time.

36 and 36.5 between periods and ovulation
36.5 and 37.2 at the time of ovulation
36 and 36.5 when the rules occur
Can not be used after childbirth and induced abortion or not, night work and pre-menopause.

Billings method

This is to identify ovulation by observing the appearance of cervical mucus.
Collect some vaginal secretions to appreciate the color and consistency between the thumb and forefinger.

The mucus is more abundant in early follicular development.
It will change until ovulation when it becomes shiny, elastic and stringy.
Then the corpus luteum is secreted; it becomes opaque and sticky.
Avoiding intercourse or using contraception at the onset of local gloss and mucus for 4-5-day unsafe method modification because the mucus in the event report.

What to do if you forget to pill?

The combined oral pill is very effective but one in 10 women forget at least once in the month! Gold mini and minipills impose a decision very regular: an hour's weight in the timetable only. Normodose's pills, they, except derivatives of several hours. In addition, the interruption of seven days to "see the rules is an interruption limit. An additional day off and the eggs take the opportunity to come to fruition. The risk of pregnancy is not well controlled.

Emergency contraception (RMS) is desirable if there was sexual intercourse in 72 hours before oblivion, especially if oblivion for the 3rd week of a wafer.

The method involves taking two progestin pills (St├ędiril ®) to 12 hours apart within 48 hours after intercourse (within 72 hours gives poorer results). For example, nightclub, meeting at midnight, the work of flesh at 3 o'clock, in the morning, sleep. Wake up at 10 o'clock, noon panic. What to do?

Take 2 pills as soon as possible and normodose renew the two pills 12 hours later. Point load hormone causes nausea and rules of deprivation that prevails in any fertilized egg.

More recently, taking a progestin (levonorgestrel) is based on the same principle. Found in pharmacies (OTC) boxes specially packaged with a tablet to take it very quickly (within 72 hours) and a 2nd to take 12 hours later. Efficiency is the same for fewer unpleasant side effects (less nausea).

Emergency Contraception First action: the installation of a copper IUD within five days after the report fertilizing. Delicate in the young girl and women not been pregnant, this method is rarely used. The second appeal is the morning-after pill, which there are two versions of hormones: progestin or progestin alone.

Warning! That contraception is opportunistic, not systematic: for your peace and it is best to consult his doctor. It remains the condom (well spent) to open access, low-cost and use impromptu.