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Why Stretch Marks

Phenomenon very common (it affects more than one in two women); stretch marks come to the appearance of small scars, first red, then white and pearly. They may settle during pregnancy but also during a weight loss or during puberty and when they are there, they never disappear by themselves.

Long, women were resigned to pay this tribute to their pregnancy.

Physicians saw stretch marks as a benign lesion too to deserve the name of disease and they just interested in them. As for beauticians, they lacked the means necessary for a rigorous study of the problem.

Why stretch marks?

Stretch marks, aging skin disaster

It took until recently for researchers begin to systematic study the phenomenon of stretch marks and find it similar to the aging of the skin.

This approximation put seem unexpected: the skin gradually tumbled so sharply that stretch marks are installed and at any age. However, if we place ourselves in the dermis, it appears that the phenomenon is identical in both cases.

How the skin ages it?
There beneath the epidermis a network of fibers that provide elasticity and solidarity of the skin collagen and elastic fibers. These fibers are produced by definite cells, fibroblasts. After a certain age, the fibroblasts begin to function not as much well: the mesh fiber network is scarce and deteriorate; it becomes less dense, folds and wrinkles, or the fiber reinforcement deteriorates.

How they stretch marks appear?

The frame's natural skin is also subject to strain during pregnancy: endocrine processes that accompany it can disrupt the activity of fibroblasts and production, as in the case of aging, then decrease the quantity and quality. The unusual mechanical tension to which the skin is subjected does the rest: the fiber network is altered and breaks into multiple locations. Correspond to breaks in these deep depressions of the fine surface of the skin stretch marks.