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Frequently Asked Questions about Pregnancy

Common Questions About Pregnancy
One must eat to 2 when pregnant?

For 2, yes. As 2, no!
The important thing is to have a balanced diet that emphasizes holy, and all that is good for you and your baby milk and dairy products for calcium and protein, fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals, fish for phosphorus, and cereals for energy ...

The ideal weight gain during pregnancy is 9 to 12 kilos?

ideally not exceed 10 pounds. Because it takes less weight, less has been fortunate to have stretch marks or problems with heavy legs. And soon after it regains its online!

Almost all mothers are a little depressed after the birth of their child?

TRUE: This attitude is authentic in most cases. While it has everything to be happy, the young mother sees life in gray. Fatigue, anxiety about new responsibilities, hormones drop, so many reasons for this "blues baby." It's time to pamper, take care of yourself, to be beautiful, to regain his confidence and his smile gently.

When you're pregnant, it must be even more careful in the sun
During pregnancy, it is best to avoid the sun indeed, UV-A and B highlight the risk of developing pregnancy mask on the face, especially around the 4th month. Remember to protect with a sunscreen, even in the shade, in spite of with a hat.

Stretch marks occur mainly among women over 30?

Stretch marks are not a matter of age or skin or inheritance, but the direct result of hormonal changes associated with pregnancy. You should know, however, that the younger you are; the more one is sensitive to these changes so that more stretch marks. Weight gain may also be too large at any age a risk factor. As a precaution, it is advisable to apply a specific product from the 3rd month of pregnancy.

We do not need special care products during pregnancy:

The body changes of volume, the skin is influenced by significant hormonal changes; it's time instead of being small to fuss over her beauty. Change your usual moisturizer, your moisturizer or your sweet almond oil for precise products, specific, specially formulated for cosmetic problems associated with pregnancy stretch marks, swollen legs, dry skin, sagging after childbirth.

A pregnant woman should avoid all exercise

If violent sports or those who bully your breasts should be avoided so fragile, it is the perfect time to rediscover the benefit of those walking or swimming. The latter is particularly recommended to relieve back pain.

Stretch marks often occur because of the sun.

They see themselves more in the sun because they do not tan in the same way as the rest of the body. However, in any case, the sun cannot be responsible for their appearance.