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Bronchiolitis in Infants


Acute bronchiolitis is a seasonal viral infection affecting the infant before the age of two years. It clogs the bronchioles predominant. Risk of an outbreak from October to March.

Coughs and repetitive
Rapid, shallow breathing,
Discomfort at the end,
Whistling expiratory (wheezing)
Crackles: sounds fine and fast occurring at the end of inspiration,
Sibilant rales produced by the passage of air in the bronchi,
Mild fever.


Delay, if possible, the community development of infants,
Scrupulously hygienic measures (hands, clothes, toys, parent-child contact ...)
Tobacco should be avoided in the entourage


Chest physiotherapy,
Drug treatment
Systematic hospitalization for infants under 6 weeks.

Bronchiolitis in Infants
Conditions for effective treatment
  • Comply with physiotherapy
  • Give plenty of fluids to correct rehydration
  • Sessions of aerosols and fogging should not be long (10 min)
  • Place the infant seat in a partially
  • Snuff carefully the baby (to be done before each bottle)
  • Remove and disinfect the nebulizer systematically after each use and then run it empty.
What if you recognize bronchiolitis?
  • Call your doctor
  • Wash hands thoroughly before each provide care for the baby
  • Lay the baby in a semi sitting position
  • Wash frequently "softies"
  • Wash clothes (soaking disinfectant)
  • Avoid smoking
  • Wash the baby's nose (saline, sterile seawater ...)