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Diarrhea Conclusions

Some tips to prevent the 'onset of diarrhea.
Here are some tips to prevent food poisoning bacteria that cause diarrhea:

Always wash hands with liquid soap for two minutes;
Drink only bottled water if traveling in foreign countries;
Eating cooked foods and avoid those raw, roasted or preserved that have a doubt.

Diarrhea in the Western world is a "condition" very common, but easily treatable thanks to a balanced diet and a low, almost zero, impact on mortality.

This speech is unfortunately not valid for the child population in countries with poor sanitary conditions in Africa, South America and India, where diarrhea is a major cause of infant mortality, which is why the humanitarian non-governmental organizations involved in these countries first link to the prevention by increasing the availability of drinking water, to the reclamation with the use of disinfectant and therapy of infectious conditions with the use of antibiotics and pesticides.