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When Chamare the doctor?

And  so contact your family doctor:

If the patient is an infant, and diarrhea continues for more than 24 hours;
  • in case of chronic diarrhea;
  • in case of probable infectious diseases;
  • in case of loose black (not simply dark) for the presence of digested blood from the gastrointestinal bleeding;
  • when the patient has the high fever;
  • if the diarrhea in 'adult Foltrin lasts for three days;
  • if there are symptoms of dehydration of the patient.
What if the patient is a child or infant?
If the patient is newborn, you can continue to breastfeed and if already weaned, you can be easily digestible, including foods such as rice (which has been astringent properties), tapioca, corn flour and meat turkey and chicken.

Hydrate the baby making him drink water and freshly squeezed orange juice and avoiding trade that contained added sugar.

Offer the child during the afternoon snack, yogurt is naturally rich in lactic acid bacteria to normalize the intestinal flora.

When should you call the pediatrician?

Talk to your pediatrician immediately if:

The child is under six months;
has a continuous diarrhea of ​​one day?
  • if there is mucus or blood in the stool;
  • if the child vomits;
  • if urine frequently and little quantity;