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Microscopic colitis Therapy and prognosis

The importance of diet in the treatment of microscopic colitis are therefore to avoid spices, alcohol and coffee.

As a first step in the treatment of symptomatic disease are recommended as Loperamide, also Racecadotril cholestyramine bile acid as a chelating agent has its own rationale.

Budesonide is the preferred treatment that has demonstrated significant effectiveness in improving symptoms and quality of life (note in diabetic patients).

Another drug that has shown good results and can be used in patients with diabetes is bismuth subsalicylate (pharmaceutics) 262mg capsules. (A problem that must be taken no less than 8 capsules a day).

Finally, probiotics may have a place in association with the drugs of choice.

The surgical option of subtotal colectomy and ileostomy gives good results. Obviously must be given in very serious cases that are unresponsive to medical therapy.

The prognosis of the disease is generally good healing when conservative treatment is effective is an average period of approximately 6 months.