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Protruding veins

From 4/5 days, I have pain in the back of the knee, right, from the outset that I have along this leg vein protruding below the knee, but also, that as a youth playing football I had some knee problems Right, so I was a resentment that I forgot to doctor gave me some tablets Venoruton be taken two times a day saying it might be a problem related to the movement and not a muscle problem. In your opinion may depend on the veins? And if so I can keep doing exercise bike and ride a bike?

In the meantime, I send separately.

Varicose veins of the lower limbs avail themselves of sport, the sports listed to include swimming; a little jogging, cycling and exercise bike is prime for varicose veins.

Unfortunately tend to worsen and to incur complications with time.

Unfortunately, the only curative treatment is surgery.

It May in consultation with her physician being advised a specialist in vascular surgery so it can be assessed by clinical examination and specialized tests to determine a treatment plan.

How rightly pointed out I might add the presence of varicose veins (mostly unilateral) in a limb that has suffered an injury (even a long time ago) could evoke the possibility of a postphlebitic syndrome:
these are the consequences after some time the results of a deep-vein thrombosis, which can sometimes be reversed by passing entirely unnoticed, blending its symptoms with those of concomitant traumatic orthopedic pathology.