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Drug and Food

Food and Drugs What you should know.
You've probably already noticed that the medication was not done at any time of day or meal. Indeed, interactions between elements in foods and ingredients that contain drugs are complex and are not neglected.
Some foods may cancel or enhance the effect of drugs.

Few dentists recommend to their patients not to drink coffee before a local anesthetic. This stimulant can make stunning yet difficult or impossible. Many food-drug interactions are not well known to the public. However, do not hesitate to ask your doctor or pharmacist can advise you or inform you.

Thus, the spinach does not do well with oral anticoagulants (blood thinners), coffee blends well with theophylline (asthma), bananas, with some treatments of hypertension (see the list of foods rich in potassium and low sodium ), some cheeses and sausages, with antidepressants Imao.
These negative associations are also the subject of a pamphlet of the American League consumers (National Consumers League), the French health authorities would do well to emulate.

It was recently discovered that certain foods disrupt the metabolism of anesthetics and muscle relaxants used in general anesthesia. The work of Jonathan Moss (University of Chicago, USA) showed that the potatoes (unpeeled above) and omelettes contain glicoalcaloides, substances which, even several days after being ingested, inhibit the enzymes responsible for degrading anesthetics and the patient wakes up less quickly.